TIA Creates Exploratory Focus Group on Fuel Cell Standards for Wireless and Other Critical ICT Infrastructure

12 Sep 2013

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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has created an Exploratory Focus Group on Fuel Cell Standards for Wireless and Other Critical Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Infrastructure. The aim of the group is to provide a forum for fuel cell companies, mobile network operators, cell site leasing companies, engineering firms, government entities, and others to develop a document that can provide the ICT industry as a whole with a guide to the technical considerations and benefits of fuel cell deployment in support of wireless networks and other critical ICT infrastructure.

The Focus Group has identified the following as its scope of work:

The TIA Exploratory Focus Group on “Fuel Cell Standards for Wireless and Other Critical ICT Infrastructure” recognised that there are numerous standards for Hydrogen Fuel Cell safety, which are written for generic use that range from automotive refuelling stations to main alternative fuel supplies. The scope of this Focus Group is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fuel cell codes for both stationary and mobile fuel cells for specific use with telecom, wireless, datacom, emergency 911, police radio, security and surveillance, and catastrophic infrastructure for commercial, military, or residential use at ground level, on rooftop, or on platforms applications for backup, supplemental and/or alternative electric power sources.

The Focus Group will be drafting its guideline document over the next few months.

Participants include: Altergy, Ballard Power Systems, Burns & McDonnell, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, ReliOn, Sprint-Nextel, and VP Energy


Source: TIA email.


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