Swedish University Demonstrates Fuel Cell Technology to U.S. President

16 Sep 2013

Obama Sweden

Fuel cell researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden shared an audience with U.S. President Barack Obama and Swedish Prime Minster Fredrik Reinfeldt on the 4th September showcasing the country’s latest fuel cell technology.

The President was shown a range of fuel cells including a hydrogen-powered test vehicle, a mobile phone charger and a technology that creates fuel from waste. In addition to KTH’s fuel cell demonstration, two other stations showcased a water purification system by the Swedish company Solvatten and Swedish automobile and truck manufacturer AB Volvo’s hybrid bus engine.

Wreland Lindström showed Obama the PowerTrekk mobile charger and when the President suggested that the concept could be applied on a larger scale, he was given a demonstration of a fuel cell that is 1,000 times more powerful than the PowerTrekk and powered by residue from olive oil production. The researchers explained that fuel cell technology can also be scaled up for use in stationary power production, to serve facilities that need uninterrupted power, including hotels, hospitals and data centres.

At the end of the demonstrations, the President told the fuel cell researchers “You’re doing great work,” before moving on to the other stations.

After Obama’s departure, Lindström said she was honoured to have a chance to present KTH research to the President. “It’s great that our area of fuel cells is in the news and that environmental and energy technology is interesting to the President,” she said. “It is also good for KTH. It shows that our programs are relevant and high quality.”


Source: KTH Royal Institute of Technology


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