Panasonic and Viessmann to Launch Fuel Cell System in Germany in April 2014

11 Sep 2013

Panasonic ViessmannFollowing on from an announcement in October 2012 that Panasonic and Viessmann were collaborating to bring a residential PEM fuel cell micro-CHP system to Germany and then to Europe – where Panasonic sees great market potential for the technology – Panasonic has now announced that sales of the system will commence in Germany in April 2014.

The two companies have jointly developed the new system, which is an integrated system specially adapted for European markets. The fuel cell part of the system has been designed by Panasonic and will be built in Japan before being sent to Germany for integration by Viessmann. Similar to Japanese systems, the unit comes in two parts: the fuel cell system and a backup boiler and hot water tank. The system provides a 750 W electrical output and 1 kW thermal output with a combined efficiency of 90%.

The companies see highly efficient fuel cell micro-CHP as the best way to bring decentralised cogeneration technology to single-family homes. The partners anticipate five-figure number of units to be installed in Europe by 2020. Following on from Germany, the companies will target its neighbouring countries as well as the UK and France.


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