Motorbike Generates Electricity Using Exhaust Gas

13 Sep 2013

Asumitec Bike

Atsumitec Co Ltd has unveiled a motorbike equipped with its ‘Synergy Cell’ which combines thermoelectric conversion elements and a fuel cell in the exhaust gas stream of a Honda motorbike.

The motorbike was exhibited at Innovation Japan 2013, which took place in Tokyo from August 29th to 30th 2013. It can generate power of up to 200 W, which Asumitec said improves mileage by 2-3%. The Exhaust Gas Power Generation System was developed with help from a support program of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

The Synergy Cell consists of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) tube and oxide-based thermoelectric conversion elements, based upon the high-temperature parts of n- and p-type thermoelectric conversion elements, which are attached to the SOFC tube. The motorbike on display was fitted with around 300 cells.

Atsumitec combined the SOFC and thermoelectric conversion element anticipating they would produce a synergistic effect using exhaust gas. Specifically, the SOFC generates power by using remaining hydrogen and carbon hydride in exhaust gas and the temperature of the motorbike's exhaust gas is within the operating temperature range of SOFC at around 650°C.

The thermoelectric conversion element generates power by using the heat of exhaust gas and also the heat generated by the reaction in the SOFC. Even when the exhaust gas stops flowing and the SOFC is not functioning, the element can generate power by using residual heat.


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