Ceramic Fuel Cells' BlueGEN wins GreenTec Award

05 Sep 2013

CFCL Award

Ceramic Fuel Cells’ BlueGEN technology has been awarded the GreenTec Award in the energy category at its award ceremony in Berlin on 30 August 2013.

Bob Kennett, CEO of Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, views the award as a confirmation that CFCL’s R&D efforts were well spent. “Winning Europe’s most reputable award in the greentech industry is a great honour and supports our engagement in advancing the fuel cell technology. We are proud to offer BlueGEN as a marketable and decentralised alternative to traditional electricity generation, and to be able to make a significant contribution to the Energiewende with civic participation.”

BlueGEN is a dishwasher-sized fuel-cell micro power plant powered by natural gas. It is an efficient source of electricity and heat, both from an economic and from an environmental perspective, for residential and small commercial buildings. The heat by-product can be used for warm-water supply.

Owners can feed excess electricity into the grid to obtain subsidised compensation.

Thanks to its advanced technology, BlueGEN can achieve an electrical efficiency of up to 60 per cent – more than any coal or gas-fired power plant. In addition, units generate low-emission electricity: users can save about 50 per cent of CO2 emissions compared to the German electricity mix. BlueGEN can generate low-emission power locally and reliably all year round. The device is the first commercially available micro combined heat and power plant for private households and smaller companies.

The GreenTec Awards are considered the most important European awards in the greentech sector and are presented in eight categories including construction & living, energy and aviation. The award seeks to promote ecological and economic commitment and the use of environmental technologies.


Source: CFCL

Industry Directory: CFCL


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