Acta Signs Chinese Distribution Partnership with Sunwise

06 Sep 2013

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Acta S.p.A (AIM:ACTA) has announced that it has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the Chinese back-up power and energy storage markets. The agreement has been signed with the Shanghai-based company, Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems Co., Ltd (“Sunwise”).

Sunwise is a leading supplier of hydrogen energy systems and distributed energy systems and equipment for the Chinese market. Its main business includes hydrogen supply and storage systems for industrial applications and for transportation, hydrogen station design and engineering services, along with distributed energy power plant development. Sunwise is also the developer behind the hydrogen energy website, which provides the Chinese industry with the latest news and information about the hydrogen economy.


Through its new partnership with Sunwise, Acta intends to strengthen the distribution of its electrolysers and the Acta Power self-recharging back-up power system into the Chinese market. China has the world’s most rapidly growing mobile network, yet faces the challenges of not having an integrated national electricity grid system, so Acta’s products should be invaluable to mobile operators seeking to develop an off-grid mobile network. Currently around 20,000 new telecom base stations are installed per year in China, with a large potential and growing interest in the adoption of fuel cell systems due to their cost and service advantages compared to batteries and diesel generators. Sunwise believes there is also great potential for Acta’s products for various applications including banking, utilities, and hydrogen generation for transportation and industrial applications.

Sunwise will be exhibiting Acta’s products in Shanghai at the 2013 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention from 25 to 28 September 2013. The conference has a focus on hydrogen infrastructure and Acta will be making a public presentation about how its unique technology allows it to offer a low-cost, logistics-free, efficient, off-grid solution for renewable energy storage and telecom back-up power.

Acta’s Chief Executive, Paolo Bert, commented: “We are very pleased to have Sunwise as our partner in China. We have received many enquiries for our products in China and we look forward to being able to exploit commercially this enormous and difficult market thanks to the great experience Sunwise has gained in the Chinese hydrogen market.”

Sunwise’s General Manager, Gao Dingyun, commented: “We look forward to promoting Acta’s unique technology in China. We see this low-cost technology contributing to the hydrogen economy here in China across various markets and applications.”

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Source: Acta

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