State of Hesse Approves Subsidies for BlueGEN Micro Power Plants

11 Oct 2013


CFCL welcomes the decision by the regional government of the German state of Hesse to support the installation of BlueGEN micro power plants under a state-wide subsidy programme. The state of Hesse has already approved the first installation, which will be commissioned and installed in a few days and cater to a multi-family building.

Additional BlueGEN units are now expected to be planned and installed in Hesse in the near future. To ensure a successful implementation, the aim is to partner with as many local and regional energy providers as possible. The state government and Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited have found a first partner in Frankfurt-based Gas-Union, who, as a large cooperation, already have extensive co-generation experience and therefore are well placed to deliver the project’s full potential. As a partner of the local providers, Gas-Union will facilitate and coordinate the introduction of fuel cells. Beyond its advisory capacity, Gas-Union will separately submit offers to the energy providers to finance the maintenance costs over the first couple of years.

“Within a matter of months, both Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia have decided to actively support fuel cells. The subsidies in Hesse are another relevant step towards successfully penetrating the national markets in Germany“, said Bob Kennett, Executive Director and CEO of CFCL.

The natural gas-fired BlueGEN has been developed specifically for local use in residential buildings, public facilities and in small and medium-sized companies. Because of its globally unparalleled electric efficiency of up to 60%, consumers can save approximately 50% of CO2 emissions compared to the German energy mix. As a result, low-emission energy can be produced reliably all year round exactly where the electricity is needed. In addition, end users can approximately halve their current electricity costs and use the residual heat for hot water.


Source: CFCL


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