FuelCell Energy Solutions Delivers First German-Made Fuel Cell Power Plant

10 Oct 2013

FuelCell Energy Solutions

FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH has announced the delivery of its first German-manufactured fuel cell power plant to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) office complex that is being constructed by BAM Deutschland AG in Berlin, Germany. A delivery ceremony was held at the BMBF construction site on October 8th. FuelCell Energy Solutions is managing the installation of the power plant and commissioning is expected in mid-2014 once construction of the office complex nears completion.

Chip Bottone, President and Chief Executive Officer FuelCell Energy, Inc. and Managing Director, FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH said: "Our customers purchase fuel cell power plants to solve their power generation challenges and meet their sustainability goals. We are excited to demonstrate to the marketplace the many attributes of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable power generation from stationary fuel cell power plants made right here in Germany."

FuelCell Energy Solutions is installing the power plant inside the BMBF complex as the virtual absence of pollutants, quiet operation and lack of vibrations enables fuel cell power plants to be located in populated areas. The power plant is configured for combined heat and power to enhance efficiency and the high quality heat will be used to generate steam for facility heating and absorption chilling. The fuel cell power plant will provide approximately 40% of the electrical needs and 20% of the thermal needs of the facility.

"We provide a comprehensive power generation solution including installation of the power plant combined with operation and maintenance under multi-year service agreements," said Andreas Frömmel, Vice President Commercial and Business Development, FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH. "We strive to make it easy for our customers to benefit from the many attributes of fuel cell power plants while contracting the operation and maintenance to us."

FuelCell Energy Solutions Direct FuelCell® power plants generate electricity and usable high quality heat utilising an electrochemical reaction that emits virtually no pollutants. Avoiding the emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur oxide (Sox) and particulate matter (PM10) supports clean air regulations and benefits public health. The high efficiency of the fuel cell power generation process reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions, and producing both electricity and heat from the same unit of fuel drives economics while simultaneously promoting sustainability. Fuel cells can achieve up to 90% efficiency when configured to use the high quality heat generated by the power plant in a combined heat & power (CHP) mode.

FCES, with its German manufacturing base, is the sales, manufacturing and service business for the European Served Area for FuelCell Energy, Inc. FCES is a joint venture between Fraunhofer IKTS Fraunhofer IKTS and FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq:FCEL).


Source: FuelCell Energy


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