Freudenberg Commercialises GDL Manufacturing

17 Oct 2013

Freudenberg GDL

Gas diffusion layer (GDL) materials are widely recognised to have a significant effect on fuel cell performance. Tailoring the GDL properties for optimised mass transport including electrical and thermal conductance for the various fuel cell designs, operating conditions, and from backup power to transportation applications is well understood.

The current challenge of the fuel cell industry in general, and the component suppliers in particular, is that of scale-up from laboratory, prototypes, demonstrations, and early adopters to high volume, low cost, competitive production. Freudenberg Fuel Cell Component Technologies (FFCCT) is currently industrialising its GDL manufacturing line and has established itself as an ISO 9001-certified, high volume capable, full service supplier of gas diffusion layers.

This GDL manufacturing industrialisation is underway with the extensive background in non-woven production excellence of Freudenberg, a 160-year old family-owned company having €6 billion in annual sales. To complement the array of tailored GDL offerings, Freudenberg recently achieved an important milestone by increasing roll width to 480 mm. This enhancement will enable improved material utilisation for the customer during MEA conversion and result in lower customer part costs.

Contact: Dr. Volker Banhardt, Director Sales; Freudenberg FCCT SE & Co.KG, Weinheim/Germany.


Source: Freudenberg.


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