eZelleron Wins Two Prominent Industry Awards

23 Oct 2013

eZelleron awards

eZelleron GmbH from Dresden, Germany has announced that it has received two prominent industry award within the space of two months. Its first accomplishment was to receive the 2013 Fuel Cell Innovation Award at the f-cell conference in Stuttgart, Germany in September. The company then also won the "Best of” award in the category "Product" at the MATERIALICA Design + Technology fair, which took place on October 15th-17th in Munich. The company’s newly developed "Full Metal Fuel Cell” beat entries from numerous innovative competitors.

With these awards, the judges honoured the core of eZelleron’s Fuel Cell which is made almost entirely out of metal and is therefore very lightweight, cost efficient because no precious metals are used, and more robust than conventional fuel cells. eZelleron’s Full Metal Fuel Cell combines all advantages of SOFC technology, primarily high efficiency and simple system architecture with the benefits of PEMFC, quick start-ability and high power densities.

The company claims these benefits open up completely new applications for fuel cells which were previously unviable. Potential applications range from cell phone chargers and emergency generators up to electric vehicles.


Source: eZelleron


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