CFCL Delivers Fuel Cell Components for 40 Integrated m-CHP Units

10 Oct 2013

CFCLCFCL, German utility E.ON, software developer HOMA Software and heating system manufacturer Ideal Heating teamed up in 2011 to demonstrate the application of fuel cell based micro combined heat and power (m-CHP) appliances for the use in domestic applications. The first 40 CFCL produced BlueGEN™ fuel cell units financed through the SOFT-PACT project were delivered in 2011 for installation into residential properties in Germany and the UK and now the second tranche of CFCL products, consisting of fuel cell components for integration into a full fuel cell m-CHP product have been delivered to Ideal Heating’s manufacturing plant in Hull.

These integrated units will be demonstrated in real world installations in residential locations in selected countries across Europe under the SOFT-PACT project significantly funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under the Seventh EU Framework Grant Scheme.

The units will be installed from the first quarter of 2014 and will provide significant carbon emission reductions and energy efficiency benefits over conventional power and heating technologies to end users.

CFCL’s fuel cell technology, commercially available as the BlueGEN stand-alone fuel cell generator with heat recovery, has the world's highest electrical efficiency from a small-scale generator (up to 60% delivered electrical efficiency and 85% total efficiency including heat for hot water) and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than two-thirds, compared to coal fired electricity generation, and by more than half when compared to average UK grid emissions. “BlueGEN generates electrical energy and heat behind the meter for use on site, so valuing the electricity generated at the customer’s own retail price, typically 2-3 times higher than wholesale rates”, explains Paddy Thompson, General Manager Business Development for CFCL, “the same fuel cell technology is included within these integrated units. BlueGEN customers benefit from ‘half the cost and half the carbon’ of grid electricity.”

Technology used in the ‘SOFT-PACT’ Project

The appliance comprises Gennex™ solid oxide fuel cell technology, a high efficiency Ideal boiler, a bespoke high performance thermal store and an optimised controller which maximises the benefits to the end user. The fuel cell generates electricity continuously at 1.5 kW and up to 700 W of heat can be recovered for use within the dwelling. Any electricity not immediately used on site can be exported to the grid to be used in the local network. The heat produced can be used for central heating or hot water and will automatically be supplemented by the use of the condensing boiler as required. The appliance can be installed into existing domestic systems employing a conventional mains gas supply and does not require an external hydrogen supply infrastructure. The appliance also comes with secure connection back to a central server for performance monitoring and online maintenance.


Source: CFCL


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