Aquafairy Showcases Portable Fuel Cells at CEATEC 2013

03 Oct 2013

Mobile Aqua

Japanese start-up Aquafairy recently showcased its new range of portable fuel cells at CEATEC 2013 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

According to company president, Mike Aizawa, the company is aiming for a commercial launch of the fuel cells by 2014. He said other companies have previously failed to make the technology work because they were using methanol which proved inefficient in this application. Aquafairy’s approach uses a solid form of hydrogen as the source of its fuel.

Aquafairy presented three working prototypes at CEATEC, including a 2.5 W pocket-size model that can charge most portable electronic devices. It also displayed a 200 W, 7 kg fuel cell that is approximately the size of a car battery and is already undergoing field testing. It was developed together with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and is targeted for use in the aftermath of disasters. The third prototype is a long-life fuel cell that can be used in remote areas, like mountains and forests. While it just gives off half a watt of power, it can operate autonomously for six months.

Aquafairy is currently working with Japanese company Rohm for the control circuitry, but Aizawa says they are also looking for other partners in the project.


Image: Engadget


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