Toyota Teases FCV Fuel Cell Concept Ahead of Tokyo Motor Show Debut

11 Nov 2013

Toyota FCV 2013 Concept

Toyota has revealed the design of its new FCV concept ahead of the car’s debut at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show next week. The car is one of five new concepts that Toyota will bring to the show under the slogan ‘Fun to Drive, Again’. The design is intended to evoke two key characteristics of fuel cell vehicles: the conversion of air into water in the fuel cell and the powerful acceleration afforded by the electric motor.

Technically, the new concept includes a 100 kW fuel cell with a power output density of 3 kW/L, more than twice that of the stack in the 2008 FCHV-adv demonstration vehicle. Increasing the power density has allowed for a reduction in both the stack size and the number of individual fuel cells, giving enhanced performance at lower cost. The fuel cell is accompanied by two 700 bar hydrogen tanks that allow a range of at least 500 km (310 miles) and refuelling times as low as three minutes.

Toyota is also keen to emphasise the use of the car as a backup power solution for homes in Japan, where natural disasters have led to power outages in recent years. Fully fuelled, the FCV can provide enough electricity to meet the daily needs of an average Japanese home (10 kWh) for more than a week.

Toyota will launch the production version of the car from 2015 in select markets, including Japan and California.


Reference: Toyota Motors USA

Industry Directory: Toyota Motors USA


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