PureCell® fuel cell system provides clean, critical and secure energy solution for First National Bank of Omaha

29 Nov 2013

ClearEdge PureCell

ClearEdge Power, a manufacturer of scalable, distributed power systems, has announced that First National Bank of Omaha has purchased a PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell system for its First National Technology Center in Omaha, Neb., having been the first data centre in the world to generate power via fuel cells since 1999. The fuel cell is installed in the main floor of the building and provides 400 kW of clean, efficient heat and power to the building. First National Bank of Omaha has been a pioneer in the successful incorporation of fuel cells, having powered its data centre since 1999 with ClearEdge Power’s previous generation 200 kW fuel cell systems. By installing a new PureCell Model 400 system, First National Bank of Omaha continues to benefit from the high levels of reliability and the environmental savings achieved through the use of clean, efficient fuel cell technology.

“We have had a great experience with the reliability afforded our data centre operations since installing our first fuel cells in 1999,” said Brenda Dooley, president, First National Buildings. “They’ve repeatedly proven their value to our business, so we are confident in relying on this latest generation of fuel cell technology.”

By generating power on-site with a fuel cell, First National Bank of Omaha will prevent the release of more than 1,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of planting more than 350 acres of trees. The reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to a conventional power plant is equal to the environmental benefit of removing more than 346 cars from the road. In addition to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, this PureCell system will enable First National Bank of Omaha to save over a million gallons of water annually.

“We are very pleased that once again First National Bank of Omaha has chosen ClearEdge Power to help meet its energy needs,” said David B. Wright, Chief Executive Officer of ClearEdge Power. “With the upgrade to a Model 400 system, First National Bank of Omaha continues to lead by example and be a model for other businesses with continuous heat and power demands.” Generating electricity and heat, PureCell Model 400 systems are driving lower energy costs, increasing reliability and reducing emissions for customers around the globe. PureCell systems have been proven in the field to be dependable and durable energy solutions, with total expected efficiencies more than double those of traditional power generation sources. With an ultra-clean design, optimised performance and streamlined installation, PureCell systems are the recommended choice for facilities with baseload heat and power requirements, like First National Bank of Omaha.


Source: ClearEdge Power


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