New European Project Aims to Improve Metering Accuracy at Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

21 Nov 2013

Hydrogen Refuelling Mercedes Benz

HyAC is a new European project supported by the Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Program. HyAC is to address verification of metering accuracy at hydrogen refuelling stations and provide recommendations for legal requirements & procedures.

An increasing number of fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations are being demonstrated in a number of European countries as a preparation of a gradual market introduction beyond 2015.

The gradual change from demonstration to commercial sale of hydrogen fuel will require methods and procedures for hydrogen accuracy and metering. This is to ensure that vehicle users receive the quantity of hydrogen that is paid for at refuelling station.

At present existing European or national legal metrology requirements for fuels, does not include hydrogen, which HyAC is to address through conducting three overall tasks:

Validate and demonstrate that state‐of‐the‐art hydrogen mass flow metering equipment can meet expected legal requirements by conducting accuracy testing

Analyse existing legislation & standards on gas fuel metering accuracy and past experiences & activities on hydrogen metering accuracy approval & verification

Provide technical recommendations for a potential future inclusion of hydrogen in e.g. the MID Directive & OIML/Welmec recommendations and formulation of guidelines for national authorities in country approval of hydrogen accuracy

The outcome of the HyAC project will be a public report in late 2014 with results of the project and “Recommendations for legal requirements & procedures for verification & approval of hydrogen metering accuracy”. This can act as basis for a potential inclusion of hydrogen in a legal metrology frame e.g. on European level through the MID directive or OIML/Welmec recommendations and on national country level.

HyAC is consortium of nine partners covering metrology expert organizations from Sweden, United Kingdom and Denmark and several technology, energy and car companies. The project partners are: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Doms Metrology ApS, National Measurement Office, H2 Logic A/S, Heinrichs Messtechnik GmbH, Siemens Flow Instruments A/S, Shell Global Solutions International BV, GE Sensing & Inspection GmbH, and Daimler AG.

Learn more at: www.hy‐


Photo: Refuelling a B-Class F-CELL (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

Source: HyAC (emailed press release)


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