Hyundai to Lease Fuel Cell Tucson to Californian Customers from April 2014

22 Nov 2013

Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

Hyundai is bringing its ix35 Fuel Cell to the USA under the car’s Tucson American branding from April 2014. Beginning in California, Hyundai will for the first time be offering its fuel cell vehicle to average consumers with a $499 a month three year lease programme that includes unlimited hydrogen fuel and free maintenance for an upfront cost of $2,999.

“Hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric vehicles represent the next generation of zero-emission vehicle technology,” John Krafcik, chief executive officer of Hyundai’s US sales unit, said in Los Angeles. “We’re thrilled to be a leader in offering the mass-produced, federally certified Tucson Fuel Cell to retail customers.”

Hyundai has planned global capacity to build 1,000 of the vehicles through 2015. After 2015, production will be scaled to meet global market demand.

Californian leases for the Tucson Fuel Cell will be available from select dealerships in the Los Angeles region, where eight hydrogen refuelling stations already exist. The passing of legislation by Governor Jerry Brown ensures that $20 million a year is available for the construction of new hydrogen stations in the State for the next three years, with up to $20 million available per year afterwards until 100 stations have been built. According to the California Fuel Cell Partnership, nineteen stations are currently in development, mostly clustered in Los Angeles, with a handful in San Francisco and one in Sacramento.


Photo credit: Car and Driver

Reference: Bloomberg

Industry Directory: Hyundai Motor Company


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