Daihatsu Showcases Fuel Cell Systems for Home and Outdoor Use

28 Nov 2013


Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd has exhibited two mock-ups of fuel-cell systems for residential and outdoor use at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

Daihatsu intends to use liquid fuel for its fuel cell; the fuel cells themselves are being developed by the company for use in its vehicles.

One of the two systems, FC-Dock 20C, has a maximum output of 2 kW and is designed for residential use. With 20 L of liquid fuel, it can generate 10 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the amount that a household consumes in one day. Because it is a stand-alone unit that operates without an external power source, it can also be used in times of emergency.

The other system is the FC-Dock 05C, which is expected to be used for camping and other outdoor uses. When equipped with four 1.2 L liquid fuel cartridges, it can output 100 W of electricity for 12 to 15 hours. Its maximum output power is 500 W. It has a handle and casters for portability.

While many automakers have chosen hydrogen gas as a fuel for their fuel-cell cars, Daihatsu employed a liquid fuel that contains a hydrazine hydrate. Though it eliminates the need for precious metals such as platinum in the fuel cell system, it is difficult for the company to build the necessary infrastructure by itself. Therefore, Daihatsu said it exhibited the fuel cell systems for residential and outdoor use at the show with the aim of increasing the number of "fellows".


Source: Tech-On


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