Advent Technologies Launches New Website and Expands IP Portfolio

27 Nov 2013

Advent Technologies

Advent Technologies Inc, a developer of high-temperature PEMFC MEAs and membranes has recently launched an updated version of its website, providing easy access to information about its products and technologies.

The company has also recently strengthened its intellectual property portfolio with the Japan Patent Office issuing Advent a patent entitled “Development and characterization of novel proton conduction aromatic polyether type copolymers bearing main and side chain pyridine groups.” This patent, Patent No. 5324445 covers one of Advent's proprietary technologies of high temperature membrane. Advent Technologies already has an issued patent for the above technology in US, and has two additional patent applications pending in various other regions of the world.

The quest for a durable and stable membrane which can operate efficiently at high temperatures has been the subject of research over the last decade by several research groups and industrial companies and it is one of the most critical components for the success of high-temperature PEMFC. The above patent covers the method of preparing new aromatic copolymers bearing main and side-chain polar pyridine units. These polymers exhibit good mechanical properties, high thermal and oxidative stability, high doping ability and high conductivity values which are all critical attributes for adoption and application in high-temperature PEMFC.

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Source: Advent Technologies


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