£598,000 Awarded to UK Project for Hydrogen Range Extension of Battery Electric Vehicles

21 Nov 2013

Microcab 2

Cella Energy and partners MIRA, Coventry University, and Productiv have been awarded a £598,000 grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to develop a hydrogen generation system for range extending full battery electric vehicles. The funding has been awarded as a part of the Low Carbon Vehicle Innovation Platform Integrated Delivery Programme 8 competition held by the two public bodies.

In an existing Technology Strategy Board funded project called Breakthrough in Energy Storage Technology Cella, MIRA, Unipart Eberspacher Exhaust Systems and Productiv are developing a 1 kW hydrogen generator using Cella Energy’s lightweight hydrogen storage material. The aim of the new project is to take this technology and adapt it to power a small electric vehicle produced by Microcab Ltd, a spinout company from Coventry University.

The team will use Cella Energy’s lightweight hydrogen storage material – a plastic-like substance that releases hydrogen quickly and safely when heated. In the previous project, MIRA, Cella Energy and Unipart Eberspacher Exhaust Systems packaged the material in cylindrical cartridges, about the size of a large marker pen, which can be handled safely and distributed cheaply. The partners then developed a system that seamlessly moves these cartridges from a magazine to a hot-cell where the hydrogen is released in a continuous process.


Photo: Mircrocab cars (Credit: Coventry University)

Reference: MIRA

Industry Directory: Cella Energy


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