McPhy Energy Appoints Sales Manager for Americas and Britain

28 May 2013

Diana de RosminiElectrolyser and solid state hydrogen storage manufacturer McPhy Energy has appointed a sales manager for the Americas and Great Britain, Diana de Rosmini, as it looks to expand its global operations. De Rosmini joins the company from Air Liquide.

“Diana de Rosmini has a strong understanding of international hydrogen, energy and environmental markets,” says Adamo Screnci,  Executive Vice President of Sales, member of the management team and president of McPhy Energy's Italian subsidiary. “McPhy is gaining significant traction in key projects worldwide. Diana will bring her deep expertise and energetic approach to our continued expansion and the development of major accounts in merchant hydrogen, electro-mobility and renewable energy markets.”


Reference: McPhy Energy

Industry Directory: McPhy Energy


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