HySA Technologies Could be Utilised in Microcab Fuel Cell Vehicles Under New MoU

28 May 2013

Microcab 2

Microcab Industries has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with partner Coventry University and the University of the Western Cape for the consideration of using HySA (Hydrogen South Africa) technologies in Microcab products, with a view to HySA becoming a supplier for Microcab. Technologies covered by the MoU include battery systems and fuel cell components.

Professor John Jostins, CEO of Microcab Industries Ltd., comments: ‘This is an important collaboration for Microcab, and we very much look forward to working jointly with the University of the Western Cape and Coventry University to help develop the great potential for low carbon hydrogen fuel cell mobility in South Africa. This is a long term opportunity and South Africa has shown great commitment to forward thinking on environmental issues with the HySA program. Microcab can support this by bringing to the table its pioneering research and practical engineering in lean weight fuel cell vehicles, along with Coventry University’s long standing and in depth reputation in all sectors of transport design.’

Microcab is a UK based SME, founded in 2004, pioneering the design of a new generation of lean weight, highly efficient hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid vehicles to deliver clean air in city environments. The company philosophy is to promote the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell drive in the light urban transport scenario where air quality is at its poorest.

In a bid to increase South Africa’s research efforts in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and create job opportunities as well as intellectual property rights, the Department of Science and Technology developed the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research, Development and Innovation Strategy (Hydrogen South Africa – HySA), a fifteen-year programme approved by the Cabinet in May 2007. The department established three centres of competence under HySA, which are hosted by the country’s leading universities and science councils.  The University of the Western Cape (UWC) is host to the Hydrogen Systems Integration and Technology Validation Centre of Competence (HySA Systems).


Reference: emailed press release


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