Fuel Cells Enable Long-Distance Shipping of Fresh Fish

23 May 2013

Global Fresh Foods

San Francisco-based Global Fresh Foods (GFF) has announced it has successfully applied its fuel cell technology to extend the shelf life of salmon shipped from Chile to the USA. It has completed 30 day tests with H&G (head off and gutted) and HOG (head on and gutted) salmon and concluded that the produce can be shipped by sea without being frozen. GFFs patented SAF-D® fuel cell technology reduces the oxygen content of the air inside shipping containers to less than 200 parts per million; the unit takes oxygen readings every ten minutes and activates the fuel cell if required.

GFFs technology provides an alternative shipping option to air freight and retains the value of fresh fish, which can lose 25-35% of its value once frozen.

More than 30 shipments of fresh Chilean farmed salmon, as well as tilapia and barramundi from Asian countries, have been delivered so far to the East Coast of the U.S. and to Japan. The company plans to start shipping other seafood, and also to extend its reach to Europe.


Source: Global Fresh Foods.


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