First Sale of Acta’s Integrated Fuel Cell–Electrolyser Backup Power System

28 May 2013

Acta Power

Acta S.p.A. has sold its first Acta Power back-up power system, only six weeks after the initial launch of this new product at the Hannover Messe. The system is to be placed on trial with a major international mobile telecoms company, at a base station located in Africa.

The Acta Power is a self-recharging back-up power system incorporating a fuel cell and low cost on-board hydrogen generation by electrolysis. It has been developed to meet the back-up requirements of telecom base stations in off-grid or poor-grid locations, avoiding the cost and logistical barriers of hydrogen delivery to base stations in remote or inaccessible sites. This initial sale is for a system incorporating a 4 kW fuel cell and 1,000 L/hr hydrogen generator, and has a list price of €35,000.

The system is due to be shipped to the client in June 2013 for commencement of the on-site trial, which is expected to run for up to three months.  Subject to the successful completion of the trial Acta expects to undertake a larger-scale installation of Acta Power systems for their remote base station sites.

The Acta Power system is available with a 2 kW or 4 kW power output and with a 500 L/h or 1,000 L/h hydrogen generator. It includes a flexible, wireless GSM communication module for remote management, control, alarm and assistance, and incorporates an award-winning fuel cell system. The Acta Power produces compressed hydrogen directly from renewable energy and is designed to replace diesel gensets which are traditionally used to provide back-up power at remote telecom sites. 

Since up to 50% of a base station’s operating cost is energy and in many emerging markets operators struggle with diesel theft and difficult access to remote sites, the system can offer a cleaner and more reliable back-up solution while saving money for the mobile operator.

Source: Acta press release


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