Elcore Partners with Thüga for Residential Fuel Cell Installations

16 May 2013


As part of the marketing programme for the Elcore2400 micro-CHP fuel cell system, Elcore has entered into a partnership with the German Thüga-Group. With a network of around 100 public utility companies, the Thüga-Group constitutes the largest network of municipal energy and water providers in Germany and will install seven Elcore 2400 units nationwide.

The participating Thüga-Group members are Badenova, ESWE, Halberstadt municipal utility, Langenfeld municipal utility, Thüga Energynetwork, Pforzheim municipal utility and Stade municipal utility.

For public utility companies, fuel cells are an attractive distributed generation technology to increase energy efficiency, to save precious resources, to protect the environment and to help customers in their transition to a durable and affordable energy supply solution.

“Fuel cells have a great potential in a sustainable energy future and we wish to contribute to it”, said Michael Riechel, a member of Thüga’s management board.

With its compact size, the Elcore 2400 qualifies particularly well for the single-family house. Thanks to its high overall efficiency, the system is very environmentally friendly. On average 40% less primary energy is required for the same effective net energy and 1.2 metric tons of CO2 are saved every year. By using bio natural gas or synthetic natural gas from ‘Power to Gas’ facilities, the system can be completely carbon neutral.

Source: adapted from Elcore press release

Image courtesy of Elcore


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