EFOY Pro Energy Calculator for Selecting Optimal Fuel Cell Solution

28 May 2013

EFOY Pro Energy Calculator

Professional operators of off-grid industrial applications can plan the optimum power supply for their equipment using the new EFOY Pro energy calculator from SFC Energy AG at: www.efoy-pro.com/energy-calculator.

On the basis of data entered by the user the online tool identifies the suitable EFOY Pro fuel cell generator for an optimum power supply solution. The user can calculate power solutions with just fuel cell generators or hybrid solutions with solar modules. Thus, the energy calculator offers maximum flexibility in the selection of the most suitable power supply for any off-grid application.

EFOY Pro fuel cell generators are silent, weather independent, remote controllable, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly. They are used all over the world in a multitude of off-grid scenarios, in security and surveillance applications, for environmental, measuring and sensing technologies, traffic management, and in telecommunications.

They can be installed on board vehicles, in a power cabinet or in a weatherproof outdoor box, for mobile or stationary applications. EFOY Pro fuel cell generators are also an ideal hybrid or back-up power source to complement solar PV. Whenever solar module performance decreases, the fuel cell generator automatically starts operation and closes the power gap, helping to avoid large, costly solar installations.

Additional information and reference examples on the EFOY Pro fuel cell generators at www.efoy-pro.com

Source: SFC Energy press release


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