McPhy Hydrogen Technology for Renewable Energy Storage in Colombia

05 Mar 2013

McPhy Green Hydrogen Solution

A strategic alliance between French company McPhy and the Spanish Ecowill Engineering Group is to develop a renewable hydrogen solution for the Colombian market. The first ‘green hydrogen’ plant will be installed near Bogotá.

Hydrogen produced using wind or solar power will be stored in solid form in containers using McPhy technology. The hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, using renewable energy sources, before being absorbed by discs of magnesium. The two elements combine to form magnesium hydride, storing the hydrogen in a stable and relatively dense form. The process allows large amounts of hydrogen to be stored at low pressure (10 bar), thereby facilitating its transport.

"To meet the needs of the Colombian market, we will have six containers of two and a half meters wide, which will store up to two megawatts each. Where it is possible to install an external heat exchanger, we can store nearly 23 megawatts in the same volume”, says Guillaume d'Arche who represents McPhy in Spain, Portugal and South America.

Easy to fill and empty, these containers can be transported safely and used for many applications. The energy contained in them can be used to produce electricity through a combustion engine, a fuel cell or a gas turbine. Hydrogen can also be used as vehicle fuel.

For McPhy and Ecowill the goal is to provide quick access to electricity on sites awaiting a viable energy solution. In areas where grid connection is not possible, the hydrogen storage effectively complements existing systems. For example, in the most isolated communities, where solar and wind are the only sources of electricity, hydrogen would be generated to store energy during production hours which can be converted back to electricity at night or when there is no wind.

With the concept already successfully demonstrated in France, Italy, Germany and England, McPhy says this technology will encourage the development of a market for hydrogen in South America, which will build on green energy.

Source: translated and adapted from McPhy news

Image ©McPhy


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