H2USA Hydrogen Infrastructure Project Rumoured to be Launching Soon

05 Mar 2013


Germany, Japan and the UK have already begun infrastructure projects looking to address the need for a hydrogen refuelling network aimed at attracting the first wave of commercial fuel cell electric vehicles and it looks as though the USA is about to follow suit.

A report has appeared on Automotive News stating the US Department of Energy will soon make an announcement about such a project; and that it will be called H2USA. The article adds that signatories are currently being added from a range of interested parties including automakers infrastructure suppliers and other companies interested in developing hydrogen as a fuel.

Sunita Satyapal, program manager for fuel cell technologies at the DOE was quoted in the article as saying "there still are a lot of challenges. Infrastructure is critical, but the fact that a number of entities are coming together to work together through this partnership is a very positive sign."

A link to the original article can be found here.


Source: Automotive News

Image: Ford Motor Company


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