Fuel Cell Systems Joins EU Alkammonia Fuel Cell Project

28 Mar 2013

AFC fuel cellFuel Cell Systems, a subsidiary of the UK’s UPS Systems PLC, has joined the EU Alkammonia project. Expected to commence this month with a grant of €1.96 million (£1.53 million), the project will last three years and will see AFC Energy use the assets it acquired from ammonia fuel cell specialist Diverse Energy in December 2012 to develop an ammonia-fed alkaline fuel cell. Acta announced in December that it will supply ammonia cracking catalysts for the project.

Fuel Cell Systems will design and develop power-conditioning equipment to regulate the fuel cell’s output to 48 V, as well as handling the integration of components into a safe, compact, easily operable and easily maintainable power generation system.


Reference: Fuel Cell Systems (emailed press release)

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Further reading: Acta to Supply Cracking Catalysts for Alkammonia Project

Industry Directory: UPS Systems PLC


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