Ceramic Fuel Cells and iPower Get Go-Ahead for First Housing Association Project

26 Mar 2013

BlueGenCeramic Fuel Cells Limited has announced that it and energy services company (ESCo) iPower Energy Limited have received the go-ahead for their first housing association project in the UK. This is the first project to follow the signing of a distribution agreement between the two companies at the end of January 2013 and will involve the installation of fuel cell systems to cogenerate electricity and hot water for homes.

The project will involve tenants of Housing Solutions, a housing association located in Maidenhead, England. In the initial phase ten BlueGen fuel cell units will be deployed, with each unit serving five flats on average. The tenants will benefit from cheaper, lower-carbon electricity and will be guaranteed a minimum discount of 10% against the best locally available standard electricity tariff.

iPower expects to replicate this first project with housing associations across the country. Following on from recent announcements about installations with housing associations supported by National Grid Affordable Warmth Solutions, the agreement with iPower reflects an increased emphasis for CFCL on the deployment of BlueGen in the social housing market, a sector where the cost savings associated with BlueGen’s high electrical efficiency can have most effect, particularly in blocks of flats where the electrical output from one BlueGen can be shared between flats.

Each BlueGen unit can save up to four tonnes of carbon per year in low carbon homes in the UK when running off natural gas. Peak electrical efficiency is up to 60% (LHV).

Source: adapted from CFCL press release


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