27 New Hydrogen Stations Worldwide in 2012

25 Mar 2013

27 New Hydrogen Stations Worldwide in 2012

In 2012, 27 new hydrogen refuelling stations were opened worldwide, bringing the number of hydrogen stations in service to a total of 208 by March 2013. That is the conclusion of the fifth annual assessment by H2stations.org, a site run by Ludwig-Bolkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) and TÜV SÜD.

Eight of the new stations are in North America, three in Asia, and Europe has sixteen new stations, five of which are in Germany. These are the stations of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) project in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf. In March 2013, a hydrogen station also opened in Stuttgart and Germany thus currently has 33 hydrogen refuelling stations in operation. Austria opened its third hydrogen refuelling station in 2012 and Turkey celebrated its first hydrogen station.

To LBST’s best knowlede, there are currently a total of 80 operational stations in Europe, 76 in North America, three in South America and 49 in Asia. Since hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are generally early in the commercialisation process and mainly being used in field tests and trials at the moment coordination with the station operators is required for use; classification of ‘public’ and ‘private’ gas stations is therefore not yet being made.

In many countries there are plans for expansion of hydrogen refuelling networks. Another new addition to the list is Slovenia, where in 2012 concrete plans were published for two stations. Plans for new stations at scheduled locations will be monitored and all available information will be published at www.H2stations.org. This currently applies to 104 stations worldwide (43 in North America, seven in Asia, 54 in Europe and seven in Germany).

H2stations.org monitors stations in operation worldwide and information can be accessed for free through interactive maps. Plans to shut down hydrogen stations are also tracked along with information on completed projects, providing a reference for the history of hydrogen infrastructure development to date. The database is updated continuously, including changes to existing service stations. Currently detailed information on 475 stations is provided. TÜV SÜD and LBST also make further information available through their joint Hydrogen and Fuel Portal (www.netinform.de/H2).

Source: translated & adapted from LBST and TÜV SÜD press release


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