Pragma Industries and Partners Demonstrate Fuel Cell E-bike

03 Jun 2013

Pragma ebike

Pragma Industries, Cycleurope and Ventec have developed an all-French hydrogen fuel cell e-bike concept, ALTER BIKE. The concept bike features hybrid electronic architecture that balances power needs between a Li-ion battery and a Pragma fuel cell, with hydrogen chemically stored in recyclable canisters.

Pierre Forté, CEO of Pragma Industries states "Pragma is proud to work with Cycleurope and Ventec to design the first product that will integrate our patented open‐cathode fuel cell technology. As our fuel cell is specifically designed for mass manufacturing, coupled with recyclable fuel cartridges, it brings a great added value to the industrial strategy of our partners". "We believe that the combination of a fuel cell and a lithium battery provides the best of both technologies: power and range and this bike is true proof" said Cedric Loubiat technical director of Ventec. "With the collaboration of Cycleurope and Pragma companies, we have designed and assembled in a record time this complex and extremely innovative prototype."


Reference: Emailed press release

Pragma ebike hydrogen

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