PowerDisc eFlow™ Claims Uniform Current Distribution

12 Jun 2013

PowerDiscPowerDisc Development Corporation has announced its eFlow™ technology can enable uniform current distribution in fuel cell systems. The Company claims eFlow™ improves the flow of oxygen, fuel and water within a fuel cell and avoids degradation of the fuel cell membrane and stack materials. The net result is that eFlow™ increases overall fuel cell durability, enables higher peak power, and significantly reduces cost due to greater membrane resiliency, the elimination of costly system components, and improved lifetime.

Dr. Sean MacKinnon, PowerDisc's Chief Scientist, formerly with Canada’s National Research Council, Ballard Power Systems and GM’s Fuel Cell Division said "The fuel cell industry has spent a significant amount of time and money solving issues that stem from non-uniform current, including accelerated aging, and lower power output. eFlow™ enables a totally new approach to fuel cell design, from component to system. To date, no one in the industry has been able to design using uniform current distribution, the holy grail of optimal fuel cell operation. Now they can. This will have a profound impact on how next generation membrane electrode assemblies, plates and auxiliary components will be developed."

Dag Hinrichs, PowerDisc's VP of Business Development added "The advantages of uniform current distribution will have an important commercial impact in the fuel cell industry. eFlow™ can improve the customer’s business case simultaneously from multiple angles including: more peak power, extended longevity, reduced fuel cell size, less balance of plant and lower maintenance costs. If a business breakthrough is defined by cutting the tie between cost and performance, then we have that breakthrough."

The Company suggests that when these benefits are added up, the levelized cost of energy will reveal new areas where fuel cells can compete with incumbent technologies It can also assist with the integration of eFlow™ in stationary and automotive applications, providing design and engineering services support.

Dr. MacKinnon will be describing eFlow™ technology at HFC 2013 taking place next week in Vancouver, Canada during the Porous Media and Bipolar Plate session which begins at 10:30 AM on June 18, 2013. Interested parties are also encouraged to visit PowerDisc at booth #321.


Source: e-mailed press release

Industry Directory: PowerDisc Development Corporation


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