GreenGT H2 Fuel Cell Race Car Postpones 24 Hours of Le Mans

03 Jun 2013

GreenGT on the track

The experimental GreenGT H2 high-powered fuel cell race car will not be appearing in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race on 22nd June. GreenGT claims that the highly complex process of fine-tuning the SymbioFCell fuel cell is in conflict with the on-track endurance test programme, which is an essential requirement for participation in the 24-hour race. Although disappointing, the decision seems sensible and the car should appear in next year’s edition. In the meantime a worldwide presentation programme is planned, the details of which are to be revealed during the week of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Jean-François Weber, Managing Director and Head of R&D of GreenGT, says: "The GreenGT H2 is already showing great potential and has great scope for improvement. However, the complexity and cost of this unique model requires the use of extremely rigorous methods and very time-consuming new procedures. We are only at the beginning of this adventure, and it is essential for us not to cut corners and continue the development of that highly effective demonstration of hydrogen technology which is the GreenGT H2".

Jean-Michel Bouresche, Sales & Marketing Director of GreenGT, says: "First of all, we wish to thank ACO for its confidence in GreenGT. Box 56 is a splendid initiative for encouraging innovative technologies. The GreenGT H2 fits perfectly into this scenario and, although the Le Mans 2013 event has come too soon for us, we are actively working with ACO on a worldwide presentation programme for the GreenGT H2. The names of world-famous drivers will be announced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. They will be our ambassadors for the presentation of this technology of the future."


Reference: GreenGT emailed press release


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