First Hydrogen from E.ON Power-to-Gas Plant Injected into the Natural Gas Grid

14 Jun 2013


E.ON has injected hydrogen from its power-to-gas demonstration plant in Falkenhagen into the natural gas grid for the first time. The plant, which is still under construction, takes electricity from a nearby wind farm to power Hydrogenics electrolysers which create hydrogen for injection into the natural gas grid. During the test run 160 cubic metres of hydrogen was successfully injected over the space of an hour. When the plant comes online – currently scheduled for the end of August – it will inject 360 cubic metres an hour of renewable hydrogen.

For more on the project, and the concept of power-to-gas in general, please see Section 6.2 Hydrogen Injection into the Natural Gas Grid in our recent report ‘Water Electrolysis & Renewable Energy Systems’.


Reference: E.ON AG via Pressebox

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