Energy Commission Awards More Than $18 Million to Expand Hydrogen Fueling Stations in California

18 Jun 2013

Energy Commission Awards More Than $18 Million to Expand Hydrogen Fueling Stations in California

The California Energy Commission has approved $18,690,000 in grants for projects that will expand the state's fueling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

"California has a portfolio approach to investing in renewable and alternative fuel vehicles," said Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott. "The investments the Commission made in hydrogen fueling today [12th June] can help support Governor Brown's zero emission vehicles executive order, which sets a long-term target of reaching 1.5 million zero emission vehicles by 2025."

These awards were made through the Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118. For the current fiscal year, the program is slated to invest approximately $90 million to encourage the development and use of new technologies, and alternative and renewable fuels, to help the state meet its climate-change goals. It is paid for through surcharges on vehicle and boat registrations, and smog check and license plate fees.

The state's investments in these projects are safeguarded by matching fund requirements for awardees, and by making payments on a reimbursement basis, after invoices are reviewed and approved.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are expected to play an important role in reducing California's greenhouse gas emissions, and in advancing the Governor's Zero Emission Vehicles Action Plan goals of establishing enough infrastructure to support 1 million ZEV vehicles by 2020, with a goal of having 1.5 million ZEV vehicles on the roadways by 2025.

Fueling infrastructure must be in place to support the successful introduction of these vehicles. Studies suggest that 68 stations are needed by 2017 to support the market. Currently, nine public stations are operating, and about a dozen more are in development in California.

The hydrogen fueling award recipients are:

South Coast Air Quality Management District will receive $6,690,828 to evaluate, test and upgrade publicly accessible hydrogen fueling stations. With the exception of a station in Emeryville (Alameda County), the stations covered by this award agreement are within the South Coast Air Basin, which includes all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Linde, LLC, will receive $4.5 million to install three hydrogen fueling stations in the cities of Mountain View and Cupertino (both in Santa Clara County), and Foster City (San Mateo County). The agreement includes a $3,069,948 match-funding requirement.

Hydrogen Frontier, Inc., will receive $3 million to build a 100 percent renewable hydrogen fueling station in Chino (San Bernardino County). The award agreement includes a $1,615,385 match-funding requirement.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., will receive $2,999,172 to install two hydrogen fueling stations and to automate two trailer loading operations for transporting hydrogen for fueling from a production facility in Southern California. The fueling stations will be located in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles County) and Mission Viejo (Orange County). The award agreement includes a $1,614,927 match funding requirement.

Air Liquide Industrial US LP, will receive $1.5 million to build a hydrogen fueling station in Anaheim (Orange County). The award agreement includes a $933,996 match-funding requirement.


Photo: California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller and Energy Commissioner Janea A. Scott stand in front of a 2005 Nissan XTrail FCV, a crossover SUV model, at a display of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles outside the Energy Commission in Sacramento on June 12, 2013.

Source: California Energy Commission

Industry Directory: California Energy Commission


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