Ballard Launches Improved ElectraGen-ME Methanol-Fuelled Fuel Cell for Telecoms Backup Power

18 Jun 2013

Ballard ElectraGen ImprovementBallard Power Systems has released an updated version of its popular ElectraGen-ME methanol-fuelled fuel cell backup power system for the telecoms market. The new system features improvements in reliability and durability as well as ease of maintenance and servicing. These improvements include a 25% improvement in system mean time between failures (MTBF), a three times increase in fuel processor cycle life and a 5% improvement in fuel cell stack reliability.

Demand for the Electragen-ME is growing at pace thanks to two major drivers: backup power for regular power outages in markets with unreliable power grids, and backup power for markets with reliable power grids but that are vulnerable to extended power outages in crisis situation such as extreme weather events.

“Our product shipments for Telecom Backup Power have been growing rapidly since we added the methanol systems to our portfolio,” said Tony Cochrane, Ballard Director – Product Management, Telecom Backup Power. “This new product will strengthen the value proposition for customers, with a higher reliability, lower cost solution.”


Reference: Ballard Power Systems

Industry Directory: Ballard Power Systems


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