Wind Turbine Coupled with Acta Electrolyser to Power English Farmhouse

19 Jul 2013

Acta stackActa is to demonstrate the production of hydrogen from rainwater using its electrolyser technology driven by excess electricity from a wind turbine in a customer-funded project in Cheshire, England. The project has been initiated by Clean Power Solutions Ltd, who will be installing the equipment this summer.

Clean Power Solutions installs and manages domestic wind turbines in the UK and has encountered several instances where turbine permits have not been granted due to the inability of the electricity grid to accept the variable and intermittent electrical output of the turbine.

The project will be based on a farm, where a 20 kW turbine will be coupled with an Acta electrolyser and a hydrogen boiler from Giacomini. The farm house has an electrical demand of 6 kW and 3.68 kW will be exported to the grid; the rest will be directed to the electrolyser to produce hydrogen for the boiler.

The project, dependent on wind speed and changes to feed-in tariffs, is expected to have a pay-back time of less than six years.

Acta’s Chief Executive, Paolo Bert commented: “We are very excited to see this innovative application of our electrolysers, which will enable potential renewable energy owners to obtain their permits and become energy independent. We believe that this application will also open the residential market to the Company’s Acta Power system for renewable energy storage and re-supply, through its integrated electrolyser and fuel cell.”


Reference: Acta (emailed press release)

Industry Directory: Acta


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