Lewis and Clark College Collaborating with Ameren on Fuel Cell Project

16 Jul 2013

ClearEdge Power

Lewis and Clark Community College is partnering with Ameren Corporation to install a ClearEdge Power PureCell® System Model 5 fuel cell on its Godfrey, Illinois Campus in the USA.

The fuel cell is expected to be installed in November 2013 and will be placed in the Trimpe Building as part of planned renovations taking place over the next 18 months. The fuel cell will be the first alternative energy source added to the site that will be known as the Alternative Energy Production Center (AEPC) at Lewis and Clark.

ClearEdge Power’s PureCell® System Model 5 fuel cell system runs on natural gas and will generate 5 kW of electricity, and this particular model is expected to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 40%, compared to traditional power plant generated electricity. By-product heat from the electrochemical reaction will also produce up to 27,000 BTU/hour of heat for the building’s hot water system.

Lewis and Clark President Dale Chapman said he is excited that the Godfrey campus has been selected by Ameren as a site for this new technology.

"Lewis and Clark will one of the first sites in the Midwest to access this new technology, and we are honoured that Ameren has selected our campus for this collaborative effort. The goal of the combination of these alternative energy technologies is to take a majority of the energy costs for the Trimpe Building entirely off the grid, and it will also be the first time Lewis and Clark will produce its own energy. The AEPC will provide an applied research and teaching facility for our faculty and students, as well as our partner Ameren and others such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and the fuel cell manufacturer."


Source: Lewis and Clark Community College

Industry Directory: ClearEdge Power


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