Bloom Energy to Enter Japanese Market with 50/50 SoftBank Joint Venture

18 Jul 2013

Bloom grass

Bloom Energy has been installing increasing numbers of its solid oxide Energy Server fuel cells at the premises of high-profile American customers over the last few years; now the company is finally preparing to enter a foreign market with a 50/50 joint venture with SoftBank, Japan’s third largest telecom and the majority owner of Sprint, one of the four largest telecoms in the USA.

The venture, Bloom Energy Japan Limited, will sell electricity to customers under fixed-rate power purchase agreements of at least twenty years, similar to the Bloom Electrons programme in the USA. To begin with SoftBank plans to install a 200 kW system at one of its locations in Fukuoka, a Japanese ‘hydrogen town’ that has been home to a number of fuel cell demonstrations.

The Asian market has proved particularly attractive for Bloom Energy competitor FuelCell Energy with a 60 MW fuel cell park currently under construction in South Korea, where the third major US stationary fuel cell manufacturer, ClearEdge Power (formerly UTC Power), has also begun to install systems.

Other renewables projects from SoftBank include involvement in plans for a 48 MW wind farm and a 39.5 MW solar farm at sites in western Japan.


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Industry Directory: Bloom Energy


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