Bloom Energy Begins Manufacturing Fuel Cells in Delaware

15 Jul 2013

Bloom grass

Bloom Energy has begun delivering Energy Server solid oxide fuel cells made in its new Delaware factory to its partner Delmarva Power. The factory, which is still partially under construction, is currently employing a staff of around fifty; when complete it could employ up to 900 staff. In 2011 the State of Delaware agreed to provide up to $16.5 million in direct incentives to attract Bloom Energy to the state, having changed Delmarva’s renewable energy purchase requirements to include fuel cells. Delmarva then agreed to buy renewable energy credits for up to 30 MW of fuel cell capacity from Bloom at its substations near Newark and New Castle. Of this 30 MW, 10 MW may be imported from Bloom’s existing Californian factory but the remaining 20 MW must be manufactured in Delaware.

According to Delaware Online, 10 MW of imported Bloom fuel cells have already been installed across the two sites, and this should increase to 15.3 MW by the end of August, with the new systems manufactured in Delaware.

The new factory will act as Bloom’s hub on the east coast of the USA and it is expected that the first Energy Servers destined for east coast clients other than Delmarva will begin shipping at the end of the quarter.


Reference: Delaware Online

Industry Directory: Bloom Energy


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