AFC Energy Electrode Lifetime Surpasses One Year

30 Jul 2013

AFC Energy, the UK-based developer of alkaline fuel cells, has announced that its low-cost fuel cell electrode has delivered continuous electrical output for twelve months. The design and materials used in the test electrode have already been validated for volume manufacturing and incorporation into AFC’s first 250 kW commercial fuel cell system, known as Kore.

AFC Energy is targeting its technology at stationary industrial applications where space is not at a premium and in particular it is actively looking for partners in South Korea, where government incentives for fuel cells are strong.

Ian Williamson, chief executive of AFC Energy, commented:  “We have proven the robustness of our world class fuel cell technology for industrial and stationary applications with the aim of making it competitive with both renewable and fossil fuel technologies. The next steps are to replicate this 12 month longevity in real world environments, continue improving our electrode power output and introduce our ‘Kore’ large scale systems. I am confident that we are already well placed to advance our ongoing dialogue with existing and potential new partners to translate today’s news into future commercial contracts.”


Reference: AFC Energy (emailed press release)

Industry Directory: AFC Energy


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