Acta Power to be Trialled by Major Philippines Telecom

24 Jul 2013

Acta has signed a contract to supply an Acta Power unit for trial by a major Philippines telecoms company at one of its base transceiver stations (BTS) over a two month period. The trial will be undertaken in partnership with SMS Global Technologies Inc., a local technical support company and systems integrator who will be Acta’s engineering and client services partner, responsible for the installation, technical management and promotion of the trial.

The trial unit will ship shortly and subject to a successful trial Acta and SMS anticipate the placement of a larger order by the telecom, who has found the delivery and theft of fuel to be problematic with the methanol-fuelled fuel cell systems it is currently trialling.

Acta Power is a self-recharging back-up power system incorporating a fuel cell and low cost on-board hydrogen generation. It is designed to meet the needs of BTS in off-grid, impractical, and unsafe locations by avoiding the potential problems associated with fuel delivery and fuel theft.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive of Acta, commented: "This is another positive step forwards for the adoption of the Acta Power system.  Acta believes that this trial, with an important mobile operator in the Philippines, will demonstrate that the Acta Power can compete effectively not only with traditional diesel generator and battery solutions, but also with other fuel cell back-up power systems which lack the critical component of low-cost, on-site hydrogen generation from water.  Such systems still rely on the logistics of bottled hydrogen or methanol and suffer the problems of fuel delivery and theft which the Acta Power has been designed to avoid."

Acta Power

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