Siemens Electrolyser to Help Turn Carbon into Syngas at Coal Power Station

08 Jan 2013

RWE Coal Centre

A 100 kW Siemens AG PEM water electrolyser is to be demonstrated at RWE’s Coal Innovation Centre in Niederaussem, Germany, as part of a power-to-gas demonstration project. The CO2RRECT project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, brings together utility RWE, Siemens, chemicals firm Bayer, and a number of universities and research institutes. Its aim is to develop a process for converting CO2 from the flue gases of power stations into synthesis gas (syngas), a versatile industrial raw material, using hydrogen.

The Niederaussem site is a testbed based around a coal-fired power station. The Siemens electrolyser has been containerised and delivered, and when commissioned later this month, it will generate hydrogen using excess wind power. The electrolytic hydrogen and the power station flue gases will be studied at the site’s catalysis facility with the goal of catalytically producing syngas. Other end-use options for the hydrogen, such as sale to the heating market, will also be investigated. The electrolyser will run initially from January to October 2013.


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Image: RWE Coal Innovation Centre (Source: RWE)

Industry Directory: Siemens AG


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