NREL Acquires Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles for Hydrogen Infrastructure and Vehicle Performance Studies

29 Jan 2013

Toyota FCHV-adv

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has acquired four Toyota FCHV-adv fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) under a two-year agreement that will see the cars used to support and enhance NREL’s research on hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, renewable hydrogen production, and fuel cell vehicle performance. During their time at NREL, the vehicles will be fuelled using the laboratory’s wind-to-hydrogen project station at its National Wind Technology Center.

“We’re looking at the whole system—from renewable hydrogen production and vehicle fueling equipment to the impact of driving patterns and behavior on vehicle performance,” said NREL Laboratory Program Manager for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Keith Wipke. “Because the vehicles will be four or five years old by the time our two-year loan ends, we will also be able to observe extended durability and reliability, which is critical to their commercial success.”


Reference: NREL

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