Nectar: Lilliputian Debuts its Long-Awaited, Long-Lasting Portable Fuel Cell at CES

07 Jan 2013


After five years of development, Lilliputian Systems (Lilliputian) has debuted the commercial model of its long-lasting, butane-fuelled, portable solid oxide fuel cell at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The charger, now dubbed the Nectar Mobile Power System, will launch exclusively through American gadget and lifestyle retailer Brookstone for $299 in the summer and can provide power to any device that can charge through a USB interface.

Lilliputian claims the device can provide ten 0–100% charges of an average smartphone per 55,000 mW-hour pod, equating to around two weeks of mobile power; this is several times more than other solutions currently on the market. Pods are fully recyclable once depleted (much like other plastic butane containers) and replacements will be sold in packs of two for $19.99 by Brookstone, which has 300 retail locations across the USA and sells country-wide through its website and catalogue.

Each Nectar Mobile Power System ships with one pod and, for a limited time, Brookstone will include a second pod for free with pre-orders. Pre-orders will be available at 8 a.m. tomorrow EST (Tuesday 8th January 2013) at

Below, Lilliputian’s Angela Malerba runs through the system with VentureBeat at CES.


Industry Directory: Lilliputian Systems


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