Heliocentris’ Sales More Than Double in 2012 – More Strong Growth Expected in 2013

29 Jan 2013

Heliocentris Energy Solutions AGHeliocentris Energy Solutions AG more than doubled its sales from €3.3 million in 2011 to €7.5 million in 2012 according to preliminary unaudited figures: an increase of 127%.

The telecommunications business multiplied from €0.3 million (2011) to €4.9 million in 2012. For Heliocentris this confirms the successful entry into the telecommunications market and the potential within it.

Heliocentris supplies clean energy solutions for the telecommunications market, including fuel cell backup power and hybrid zero-emission systems incorporating fuel cells.

The Management Board expects a continuation of the strong scaling of the industrial business and thus another significant increase in sales for 2013.

"We are very pleased with the sales of approximately €5 million in the industrial sector in 2012 as a first success of the realignment and focus of our industrial business on energy efficiency- and monitoring solutions for mobile base stations" said Ayed Abul-Ella, CEO of Heliocentris AG. "The satisfaction of our first customers with the cost- and CO2 emission reduction, which can be achieved with the help of our solutions, is the basis for further significant growth of our industrial business expected for 2013. Thus, both subsequent business from existing customers and the acquisition of several new customers in our target markets has been made possible. Full of confidence we look ahead to the year 2013 and look forward to continuing the commenced scaling."

Source: Heliocentris Energy Solutions press release


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