EU Launches Clean Fuel Strategy

24 Jan 2013

EU Clean Fuels

The European Commission has today published a proposal which includes a package of measures aimed at supporting the development of alternative fuels in its member states. The Commission has put forward a set of binding targets for hydrogen infrastructure, battery vehicle charging, biofuels, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). Germany and Denmark are leading Europe in the installation of hydrogen refuelling stations, but the EC is proposing the introduction of common standards for fuel hoses and the linking of existing and planned hydrogen stations to create a network across Europe. This would apply to the 14 member states with existing hydrogen networks.

The proposal also requires the introduction of a common Type2 plug for battery vehicle charging, ensuring the on-going sustainability of biofuels and increasing the penetration of CNG-fuelled vehicles tenfold to reach 5%.


Source: European Union Press Release.


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