AFC Energy Further Extends Fuel Cell Electrode Life

24 Jan 2013

UK industrial fuel cell power company AFC Energy has extended the longevity of its electrodes to more than six months of continuous operation at its laboratory in Dunsfold, Surrey.

The milestone was achieved for the first time earlier this week using a generation of alkaline fuel cell electrodes developed a year ago. AFC Energy believes that these results are of significance since it has identified that the first industrial applications require a minimum of three months’ electrode life to be economic, depending on the level of subsidy available in key markets, particularly in the Far East such as in South Korea, where AFC Energy is pursuing a strategy to advance potentially lucrative opportunities with industrial partners.

At six months longevity, these applications have the potential to generate significant revenues for AFC Energy whilst also opening up new commercial opportunities in additional territories such as Germany, where the company is already carrying out long term longevity trials with Akzo Nobel, one of the world’s largest chemicals groups.

Electrodes are the critical components of a fuel cell which enable the electrochemical reactions to occur between hydrogen and oxygen (from air) to generate electricity, heat and water. Laboratory trials of electrodes are on-going and further field trials of improved electrodes are scheduled to begin early next month.


Source: AFC Energy press release

Industry Directory: AFC Energy


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