Acta Increases Production Capacity for its Hydrogen Generation Products

31 Jan 2013

Acta CEO Paolo BertActa SpA has increased its production capacity by signing an agreement for an extra 600m2 of rented production space, adjacent to its current facility in Pisa, Italy.

Since April 2012, Acta has received an increasing number of orders for its hydrogen generation products (with the order rate by December 2012 being greater than Acta's current production capacity) and this has created a greater need for more production space to enable the reorganisation and expansion of production processes. It is expected that this essential expansion will allow Acta to successfully fulfil its growing pipeline for product deliveries during 2013.

Acta has also been increasing its staff resources in production since late 2012 and expects to continue its recruitment programme to meet customer demand. The extra production capacity will reduce product delivery times and improve customer service. The reorganisation of warehousing and storage space is expected to provide an immediate benefit to production capacities and allow for further increases to above breakeven capacity levels, based on current product mix, as the new facility comes fully on stream during 2013.

An additional advantage of the new production facility contract is that it also allows for further expansion of capacity in the future. The warehouse has an additional 600m2 production space which is available to the Company if required under an option arrangement.

Source: Acta SpA news release

Photo: Paolo Bert, Acta CEO (Fuel Cell Today)


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