Intelligent Energy Announces Telecom Collaboration to Develop Fuel Cell Portable Power

28 Feb 2013

Intelligent Energy and Sure Collaboration

Intelligent Energy is to collaborate with Cable & Wireless Communications, and in particular its Sure brand. The companies will work together to test personal energy devices powered by Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell technology for various mobile device applications across their market sectors. The companies will commence a user trial of an Intelligent Energy portable power device during the summer of 2013.

Intelligent Energy’s interest in the consumer electronics market is a natural extension of its work in the stationary power sector, where the company offers back-up power systems for telecom towers in India.

 “Intelligent Energy’s cutting-edge technology offers a solution to power our device off-grid and provides a much longer operating life than a conventional battery. It’s attractive as it would unlock real additional revenue opportunities for telecom operators, enabling consumers to stay connected for longer and unshackled by the constraints of battery life”, said Mike Fawkner Corbett, Sure’s Head of Mobile.

 “For a lot of people, the constant need to monitor battery life as the day goes by is much more than an inconvenience, it often means loss of productivity, decreased sense of security and an inability to stay connected when it’s most needed”, said John Maguire, CFO at Intelligent Energy.

“The consumer electronics industry tells us that neither future battery improvements nor power reduction strategies will develop as quickly as needed. Intelligent Energy's portable fuel cell systems offer a durable and cost-effective solution that can be integrated into a wide range of consumer applications”, said Phil Caldwell, Director of Corporate Development at Intelligent Energy.

Source: Adapted from Intelligent Energy news release

Photo: Andrew Bridson, Chief Commercial Officer at Sure and John Maguire, CFO at Intelligent Energy (Source: Intelligent Energy)


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